GOTS | Cazitex


From now on you will also find textile fabrics made of 100% organic cotton at Cazitex.
These include sheet quality, velour chenille, fleece, jersey and so on. These fabrics are certified according to the globally recognised, pioneering GOTS label, theĀ Global Organic Textile Standard.
Besides guaranteeing organic cultivation, it also guarantees a less polluting production process and appropriate working conditions.


Cotton growers do not use chemical pesticides or insecticides, practice crop rotation and do not use genetically modified seed. When processing the fabric, for example when dyeing it, no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, formaldehyde, carcinogens, nanoparticles etc. may be used. This is because all these substances are toxic to humans and they are not biodegradable.
Besides the rules concerning chemicals, factories also need to use water and energy sparingly and they are obliged to use a sustainable waste water system. Such systems reuse the waste water rather than allowing it to drain back into the ground.

Social criteria as well

The GOTS label also ensures that the social criteria are observed. Working conditions for the farmers and factory workers must be well regulated. There are also rules concerning the minimum wage and working hours, and child labour is banned. All these social requirements are based on the standards of the International Labour Organization.